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Funnel Scripts Pricing | In-Depth and Honest Review of 2023

Are you searching for something that can create a high-converting copy? If yes, this is for you. This Funnel Scripts software is just the right thing for you. And today, in this article below, we will review the Funnel Scripts.

Irrespective of your target market, this online tool makes things effortless to create compelling sales funnels and copy. Funnel Scripts makes it effortless to make a copy that amuses your audience using scripts for more or less everything from sales pages to emails to webinars. Not only that, but it also converts that audience to take precise actions.

Moreover, Funnel Scripts is easy to use and affordable. Thus, if you are searching for something to take your copywriting talents to the next level, check out our Funnel Scripts pricing overview and review it for your digital marketing profit.

How Much Does Funnel Scripts Cost

Funnel Scripts Pricing: How Much Does Funnel Scripts Cost?

Funnel Scripts used to have an annual subscription of $497. Nevertheless, this fee has recently increased to $797, providing unlimited LIFETIME access to Funnel Scripts. You will permanently obtain all the copywriting lessons, features, blueprints, monthly coaching from Jim Edwards, and sales scripts.

Thus, this’s a fantastic offer, particularly for individuals who can’t afford to pay the yearly fee. Certainly, Funnel Scripts can seem expensive in case you’re a beginner marketer or have a small budget. However, the price is affordable compared to spending on coaching. Here are the pricing details of Funnel Scripts.

  • Funnel Scripts comes with only one pricing strategy.
  • You can have features & bonuses of Funnel Scripts for $797.
  • In the past, Funnel Scripts used to have only yearly pricing plans and used to cost you only $66 per month. However, now it is $797 for lifetime service.
  • Besides this, you will now get complete access to all its features & you can claim some premier bonuses (this worth over $127,394).

What Is Funnel Scripts?

Well, Funnel Scripts is software for copywriting that allows you to create compelling copy for your Facebook newsfeed ad scripts or other advertising scripts

  • email scripts
  • expert secrets scripts
  • sales funnels scripts
  • DotCom Secrets scripts
  • video sales letter wizard scripts
  • video sales scripts
  • video scripts
  • bullet scripts

and other copy scripts you need for your funnel work for your online business.

Users even get a wide range of tools along with their hands. These Funnel Scripts Bonuses help you create and customize compelling copy for your companies.

Jim Edwards and Russell Brunson incorporate their marketing experience to help you develop custom copy depending on your target market, needs, business challenges, and product.

Similarly, the software has many training videos teaching you how to access Funnel Scripts that every copywriter out there can’t help but love!

Funnel Scripts Review

In-Depth And Honest Funnel Scripts Review

After taking all things into account, we can say that the Funnel Scripts platform is an excellent software for making ad scripts that convert sales pages, email copy, webinar slides, and video sales letters. Moreover, its high conversion rate will distinguish you from others.

Engaging copy lets you form a good relationship with your audience and establish trust & credibility.

Compelling sales copy penetrates their inner thoughts and minds, forcing them to relish the benefits you’re promoting.

Probably you’re someone who wants to sponsor copywriters or is not even bothered about rising sales. If that is the case, Funnel Scripts isn’t for you. Indeed, this software won’t suit you!


  • 30-Day Money-Back Assurance
  • It makes copywriting faster and more cost-effective.
  • Faster Tweets And Teaser Scripts
  • Automatic Follow-ups For Email
  • PPT Sales Videos
  • Webinar Promotion Scripts
  • Short Headlines Scripts
  • Interesting Ad Copy Scripts


  • More pricing choices are needed.
  • Using Funnel Scripts, you may sound like the rest of the market instead of being unique.
Who Owns Funnel Scripts

Who Owns Funnel Scripts?

Russell Brunson and Jim Edwards developed Funnel Scripts. It was invented from the notion of unproductive time wastage on scripts by marketers.

Before the creation of Funnel Scripts Webinar, marketers used to burn a lot of money driving traffic to non-converting copies and hiring expensive copywriters.

However, Jim Edwards and Russell Brunson noticed that funnel builders suffer from writing splendid copies to hit the target audience precisely, where the audience will take action eagerly.

And since hiring the right copywriters is quite expensive, particularly for startups, the Funnel Scripts dashboard became their savior. The funnel builder secrets and downloadable script wizards came to their rescue.

How Does Funnel Scripts Work?

Do you know how Funnel Scripts works? Well, Funnel Scripts targets to substitute the demand for copywriters by delivering custom sales copy for more or less every business aspect.

The sales letters are developed by integrating proven pre-written material for sales with user input, for example, information regarding one’s product & its benefits.

Funnel Scripts targets entrepreneurs and startups who sell products and generate leads utilizing the internet and online market.

Copy or script is a vital part of this online marketing industry, and Funnel Scripts tries to help out entrepreneurs’ copy issues.

The Funnel Scripts is perfect for overworked company owners who don’t have sufficient time to write copy from scratch.

Here is how the Funnel Scripts platform works for you:

  • Select the script type you would like to generate.
  • Insert information into the provided form in the interface of the Funnel Script. This information can be about your audience, keyword topic, pain points, by-products you want your viewers to accomplish, roadblocks, etc.
  • Click on the “Build” tab.
  • Funnels Scripts generates various recommendations that you can choose the copy that will contend with your viewer the best.
  • You can even tweak & edit the copy that the Funnel Scripts software generates.

Bang! That is all a business owner needs. If you do not want to edit it yourself, DO NOT!

Funnel Scripts Best Suitable For

Who Is Funnel Scripts Best Suitable For?

Leading enterprises need to employ some sales copy. If you want to trade your products, collect leads, and promote discounts as an affiliate, you must email the subscribers or write ad scripts; then, you’ll need a copy.

And if you are a blogger, you will benefit most by improving your post’s headlines. Copywriting is quite a hard-to-learn craft and doesn’t naturally come to most individuals.

However, if you already have this skill, it is perhaps not crucial to purchase the Funnel Scripts except if you want a quicker method of doing the task.

Is Funnel Scripts Worth It?

After reading the Funnel Scripts review, maybe you are wondering whether the software is truly worth the money or not.

Well, this depends on some factors, like how much copy you’re going to produce. In case you need only five copies per year, spending $797 won’t be an incredible deal.

On the other hand, when you have a marketing agency and are now searching for means to produce a lot of content, then Funnel Scripts will be the perfect tool for you.

However, the content created by this software will not be unique.

If you want to rank on search engines in the future, you have fewer possibilities of doing so for a specific keyword in the scripts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the cost of funnel scripts?

You can have features & bonuses of Funnel Scripts for $797 annually.

Is funnel scripts free?

Funnel Scripts presents its 60 copywriting scripts for a free trial. After the trial ends, you must buy a subscription to use the software.

What is a funnel in copywriting?

Sales funnel in copywriting is the procedure of making the words that drive prospects via the funnel, inspiring them to share their details with you. Eventually, they become long-term, loyal customers.

Bottom Line

It is undoubtedly worth the money as Funnel Scripts comes with a superabundance of additional benefits. There is not much intricacy to the software as, well. Downloading Script Wizard is easy, and learning to use the software takes little time, dedication, and basic computer knowledge.

Even if it’s on the costlier side, you should still try it if you need to create a lot of content in a year.

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